Maine Coon which is named Lotus Conquers Instagram. It’s unbelievably big!

Do you love cats?  We are sure that you really do!  How can we not love these wonderful pussies ?!  And good cats, as we know, should be as much as possible.  According to this logic, Maine Coon cats deserve the title of one of the best cats in the world.  These are very large animals: adults sometimes reach more than a meter in length!  Impressive, isn’t it?

Besides their large size and long hair, these cats are also quite friendly.  They are charismatic, because they love to play and enjoy life with their owners.

At the same time, their expressions of muzzles often induce people to get the camera as they are so funny and cute!  As a result of all this, it is difficult to be surprised that Maine Coons are one of the most popular breeds in the world.

Just have  a look at Lotus, the main role in this article belongs to him!  Lotus has become incredibly popular on social media just because it is who it is: super cute and funny.


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