The man had lost his wedding ring on an island and was surprised after finding the new owner

A story of a lost wedding ring attached to a body of a fish

A snorkeler was able to notice a piece of jewelry around the fish neck and understood, that it was the groom’s wedding ring, which cost 1000$.

Suzie Quintal and her husband went to the Norfolk island to visit their relatives during the holiday.

And when Ms Reeves was swimming he noticed, that he had lost his wedding ring.

He lost his hope of finding a ring, but this week a local beater named Susan Prior found the missing rung around the body of a mullet fish.

She told, that she heard that a couple had lost their wedding ring there last week and was able to find them on Facebook.

She told, that she had seen many times a fish with a plastic ring, but this one seemed different.

The diver told, that the inly was to remove the ring was catching the fish in a net and carefully removing it.

The wife told, that she even advised her husband to remove the ring before swimming.

She also told, that when they were trying to find a ring on their own, many people came to help with metal detectors.

She was amazed hearing, that Ms Prior had found his ring five months later.

“I couldn’t even imagine it’s possible. I have a few friends on an island, that were sure they will fond it.”

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