They dance in a way that not everyone is able. The dance of African kids enchanted the Internet users

It seems that these kids have an innate talent.

Eddie Kenzo is a well-known dancer not only in his native Uganda but far from its frontiers as well.

His mother passed away when he was 4 and does not know his dad. For a long time, he stayed on the street, and his only happiness was music as well as dancing.

When he was thirteen, he found a dad who supported him to receive an education. After Idris took the false name Eddie Kenzo and started writing music.

Coworking with well-known African performers brought him recognition, and Eddie made up his mind to create the Masaka Kids Africana team, where he frequently takes gifted kids.

Witnessing how they move plastically, how they sense the rhythm, and how they demonstrate artistry, it seems that they have an innate talent.

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