The True Story of the Little Kitten Who Optimized the Work of the Whole Office by Himself

One morning, there was a commotion in the quiet and boring office of an ordinary company which was specialized in graphic design.  The reason for all this  proudly sat in the middle of the table and looked at everyone with its curious eyes.  The wise bosses, having learned the details of the incident, decided to leave the kitten in the office and they were almost sure that it was correct.  And if you want to know why then keep reading.

Meet Joey.  The main character and the reason for all the office reforms.

On the  opening day at a local animal shelter, one of the company’s employees had an inappropriate surge of maternal instincts and she took Joey home.  And only then she realized that the kitten is still very small, it needs to be fed from a pipette every 4 hours, washed, warmed and there were lots of other duties. One day the lady took the baby to work, as if in order to be with her constantly, but in fact she hoped that other employees would also be sympathetic and will begin to help her.  And that’s exactly what happened!

The bosses also noticed this, for example, everyone began to take care of the cleanliness of their workplaces, as you never know where the little paws would like to walk!

Joey has to be hand-fed regularly, she still cannot drink milk by herself.  During the discussions about the baby’s food the office workers were for the healthy food.

No one forgets different items in different places now, everyone takes care so that Joey has a clean playground.

The number of late arrivals has decreased – everyone strives to come on time to say hello to the little creature Joy, who gradually began to distinguish the people.

Most of the time the kitten sleeps, but in whose  arms he will sleep decides the authorities.  It’s like a bonus or a way to relax for the most hard-working and tired workers, who are also allowed to take a nap with Joey.

Joey helps to find the stationery.

And reminds of the need to wear the seatbelt when traveling.

Somehow, the kitten almost unmistakably identifies important documents, distinguishes them from the secondary ones, on which he plays.  Like, do not even touch these ones, first deal with important pieces of paper.

And, despite the fact that Joey has an official owner, there are more and more discussions about leaving him in the office as everyone likes him so much!

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