Such Huge Cats That May Look Even Stronger than Hippos

Obesity is harmful both for pets and people. The pets can devour as much food as they are given and it’s a fact! As a result, due to the cowardice of the owners and their natural abilities, some animals eat so much that they reach a very impressive size. You can see yourself in the following collection!

Such a comfortable position for a cat.

Are you going to argue with the owner of such a cute paw?

She seems to be its captive.

What a cute muzzle.

Its favorite place – on the fridge.

One of them is Zach, the other is Marty.

It’s so lazy because it’s so heavy.

Yes, the cat is about the size of a girl.

It knows that it’s handsome!

There is no neck! The head smoothly passes into the belly.

At the time of filming, it weighed 14 kg.

Can you see how thin and hungry it is?

It is fatter than cute, and cuter than fat.

The redhead mister comes home.

If the cat is well fed and not offended, it will certainly grow big and well-fed! That’s an axiom!

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