Stewardesses stop protocol during the flight to rescue dogs life

At Kingdoms there are many stories about courageous puppies, who have saved several lives, but even they sometimes need help.

The French Bulldog, named Darcy wasn’t answering any of her ordinary commands, on a flight from Florida to Massachusetts.

She was told to lie down, by her owner Michele Burt, which is very usual for her. This urged her to examine her.

Her tongue was blue, and it means he had an oxygen shortage, and she was at risk of dying.

Burt took her under the seat and put on her lap to relax.

But it didn’t help, the pet was still breathing very hard and needed help. Stewardesses went to help, despite airline’s policy, that pets should stay under the seats.

Two of the stewardesses, named Asher and Fenster went to help firstly,

and brought bags of ice and when it didn’t help Fenster advised the oxygen mask.

“After several minutes the pet became lively and after some time she even didn’t need the mask… I believe stewardesses rescued a life” said Burt.

Next day, Burt wrote a message to JetBlue to express her gratitude to their friendly staff for helping save her dogs life! JetBlue answered like this:

“All of us want to be sure, that everyone has a secure and enjoyable flight, even our four-legged friends. We are grateful for our workers agile thinking and happy, everyone being on a plane was happy, when it landed in Worcester”.

Burt wrote at the end of her letter, that her pet was completely recovered.

And also she wrote-“I wanted to express gratitude to JetBlue and especially to (Fenster) and (Asher) for doing their job perfectly and also being excellent humans.

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