An absolutely incredible bond between a husky and a duck leaves everyone speechless

Interspecies relationships might only be associated with survival in nature, but this story clearly reveals that there can be unconditional love and trust between fur and feathers. When this dog’s owners decided to adopt him, he was 5 years old. The couple had a gorgeous husky as well and the two dogs seemed to get along well with each other. They formed a very tight friendship making everyone admire the incredible connection they shared. But, unfortunately, the dog passed away and the husky’s loneliness recognized no limits. Whereas, his heart was again filled with warmth and love once he met a sweetheart duck.

As the owners recall, the animals chose to stay together once the faithful dog managed to leave the house in order to be accompanied with an awesome duck.

The couple announced they did everything together: including drinking, eating and, of course, playing. Their connection is really inseparable and delightful and they spend most of their time walking along Highway 28 and the scene is something out of this world.

When people manage to see them, they take a lot of photographs and traffic sometimes stops allowing people to admire such an amazing friendship.

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