A dog was found on the Internet, which expresses hatred and universal discontent with its face

The dog appeared on the Internet, which conquers everyone with its formidable appearance. The face of this furry friend expresses hatred and universal discontent. The stern handsome Chiba Inu breed is called Chester, and he is no longer young-on the first of September he will turn 14 years old. In July 2017 Kirby Kaufman took him from a Nebraska orphanage to love and care. So an old grumpy dog appeared in his house, which has not only a specific appearance, but also a difficult character.  

Meet, Chester-Chiba Inu breed dog 

He is always angry and displeased  

It’s all about the harsh face, that nature has awarded him 

It looks a little scary in the dark 

Kirby Kaufman took him out of the Omaha shelter a couple of years ago 

Kirby’s friends immediately wondered why his pet is so insane

Some call him a fox and others a demon 

The new owner said, that he is harsh not only externally, but also internally  

The fastidious loves affection, but only when he wants it himself  

He adores pizza no matter time and circumstances  

Chester is a grumpy old man, who conquers the Internet 

He has his own instagram page under the nickname grumpysheeb (angry chiba) 

 And he is rapidly gaining popularity  

The unusual expression of the face has become Chester’s calling card, which he actively uses making an impression on the owner and those around him. 

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