In this breathtaking footage a massive brown bear and a brave-hearted woman are sharing the same boat while fishing on a lake

It is an unquestionable fact that the bears are really fond of fish so going fishing is one of their most beloved activities, but what about a huge bear sharing a boat with a woman? Isn’t it something out of this world? You may believe it or not, but that’s exactly what this massive brown bear and the woman do as a daily routine.

The bear initially lived in a safari park and that’s why he wasn’t able to be released to the wild even after being successfully rescued. Tragically, the same thing happens to most wild animals that are forced to live in captivity being kept in cages and in chains during all their lives. Whereas, the bear’s life radically changed after meeting Veronika, his savior and protector.

The courageous lady was determined to adopt this massive beast and take care of him. And now, after two years, they formed an incredibly warm and tight friendship you can ever imagine.

The footage reveals the breathtaking moment the bighearted woman with her gentle bear was caught on camera while fishing on a lake in Novosibirsk. The photos immediately went viral and literally left everyone speechless.

The woman explained the gentle bear is a great lover of water and fish. They are like a genuine family and share food, water and sleep. What is more, the softhearted woman lets the bear sleep in her arms when he is afraid of something and hide behind her back in order to feel protected.

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