An extremely emotional moment the man is reunited with his missing doggie after eight months of searching

This downhearted dog owner mercifully meets his missing life-long companion after long eight months. The stupendous scene was captured on camera by the rescue operative team due to which the man succeeded in reuniting with his precious comrade. The moment left everyone speechless revealing a very tight and unique connection between a human and an animal one could ever imagine. In May, the puppy, only 4 months old, was tragically stolen from his owner’s property, France. The dog’s owner appeared in a totally distressed and desperate condition as all his attempts and efforts didn’t pay off as if the dog utterly disappeared and was found nowhere. Whereas, the man never gave up on hoping to find his faithful furry companion.

Mercifully, the situation radically changed once the man received a call he anticipated for a very long time. Someone announced they spotted the missing dog 300 miles away. The dog was found strolling on the side of a road. When a random driver saw him not having a collar, the bighearted human took him to a local shelter.

The process of their reunion was captured by one of the volunteers and was absolutely heartwarming.

The excited man confessed it was like a real miracle to see his dog at home again. You can watch the touching moment below!

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