The concerned mother doggie deliberately asks a stranger to rescue her poor puppies from a drainage pipe in severe winter

This poor stray mother dog, having no other choice, risked her whole life asking some random teenagers to help her puppies survive in such freezing weather. As the air temperature was dramatically dropping below zero and it was heavily snowing, she was extremely afraid of the fact her puppies could hardly survive as they were virtually newborn. She asked the strangers and sincerely hoped they would be kin-hearted not to hurt them, instead- help in this tough situation. Miraculously, this story ends happily for both the mother dog and pitiable puppies.

The mother dog wasn’t provided with a shelter and necessities when she gave birth to such adorable three puppies in a drainage pipe. At least, they were protected from the winds and sometimes found something eatable. But as soon as winter came, it became improbable for the family to continue living inside a pipe.

Whereas things have radically changed for the better. A passer-by was informed about the mother doggie’s situation and Dog Rescue Mladenovac organization was eager to offer their priceless help providing them with a comfortable shelter.

The mother doggie immediately rushed to inform the stranger about her puppies. The puppies, at first sight, seemed quite healthy and strong, whereas after visiting a veterinarian clinic, it was found out that they had some problems.

The bighearted man managed to reach the pitiable puppies and take them out of a pipe. After the puppies were outside, they were finally reunited with their mommy who was waiting impatiently to meet them. Now, the mother doggie and puppies are in complete safety and in a warm comfortable shelter only due to the kind-heartedness of a stranger.

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