The owners were afraid that a thoroughbred Briton would offend a stray cat, but they built a classless society

Funny relationships of two pets. They even changed bowls

It is unlikely, that Baguette guessed that he was thoroughbred. He felt, that he was loved and that was enough for him. He saw other cats mainly from the window and during visits to the vet.

Baguette led a measured life of a domestic cat: he caressed the owner Olya, dutifully sat on the handles and imitated hungry swoons a couple of tomes a day, hinting that the bowl was empty. Cats didn’t interest him after a visit to the vet. And he really didn’t like to play. In his youth Baguette of course could chase a thread or gnaw on headphones, but over the years, bouts of playfulness came less and less.

Tishka didn’t appear in the  house immediately. At first, Olya noticed a box with a red squeaky lump in the entrance, but passed by. There was no talk of having a second cat at home. Moreover, no one knew how Baguette would meet such a guest. You never know, even offend the “competitor”.

The squeaking in the entrance didn’t stop for the next half hour. As a result, Olya couldn’t stand it and brought the baby home. The kitten was no longer quite tiny. Rather, just underfed, but it’s fixable. The doctor didn’t find any problems in him.

The first days Baguette didn’t pay much attention to the kitten at all. And Olya relaxed her vigilance, saying they get along, well, okay.

And one day Olya was sitting in the kitchen wearing headphones and working. She was torn off by the fluffy lightning, which burst into the kitchen and almost demolished a chair behind it. It turned out that Baguette with bulging eyes was chasing the baby. The owners was about to scold the shameless Briton, who hunted the baby. But then the fluffy lightning already rushed in the opposite direction: now the kitten was chasing Baguette with all his paws.

And on the same evening it turned out, that the newly-made friends staged a real communism-they constantly changed bowls. During dinner, everyone managed to change the plate three times, and all this happened without the slightest hint of a fight.

On the same evening, Olya sighed and removed the announcement that she was looking for good hands for the kitten.

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