“At first he hissed, then he purred”: the kitten learned not to trust people and now it did not know how to react to the new owner

Athos certainly could not boast of being a graph. He was born on the street, and spent the first months of his life there. Maybe he had brothers and sisters – Athos would certainly have told about this if he could talk.

During the first meeting of Athos with Lena, the kitten was already a teenager – distrustful and “prickly” (of course, not in the literal sense, Athos’s coat was quite smooth).

The first cold weather was just approaching, and Athos sought refuge. He spent last night on the heating main, which protected from the cold, but not from the gusty wind, which literally blew the kitten away.

“No, I need to look for something with walls and a roof,” – probably Athos thought so and went in search of a shelter.

Athos needed one thing from Lena – so that she would open the door and not keep it in this state until he jumped over the threshold. The cat did not dare to count on more.

Lena, an overweight woman in her forties, was returning from the store with an overflowing bag of groceries in her hands. A couple of minutes ago, it treacherously burst under the weight of purchases, so that it had to be intercepted with his hands, holding it to his chest.

Concerned only of the fact that none of her purchases fell out on the snow, Lena did not immediately notice Athos. However, it was only to his advantage: he flew into the entrance with a bullet and hid in a dark corner. From his own experience, Athos knew that for some reasons not all neighbors  approve of his presence at the entrance. If you attract attention to yourself, you can even get a beat of a broom!

It is difficult to say how Athos’ life would have turned out if a package of sausages had not fallen out of the hole in the bag. But thanks to the merciless gravity, the sausages still crashed onto the concrete. Lena sighed, carefully sat down to pick up the package – and met Athos’s eyes. For obvious reasons, he was not particularly happy to meet.

“Well, now he will definitely drive it away,” the cat decided.

It is not surprising that when Lena reached out to the baby with her hand, he immediately hissed at her. Truly, the matter did not come to lapoprivation, the innate manners of Athos affected.

Due to constant malnutrition and spending the night on the street, the kitten almost did not grow, and now it fit in Elena’s palm. But he still pretended to be a formidable king of beasts and hissed. For obvious reasons, such threats did not have the desired effect: Athos was not put on land.

But they were not kicked out into the street either. On the contrary, they carried them up the stairs somewhere along with a package, from which an intoxicating smell of food emanated.

But even more Athos was shocked by the warmth in the apartment. He, of course, remembered early autumn, but over the past few months he had managed to get used to the constant frost, because of which the wool had to be constantly fluffed. I didn’t even want to hiss in such warmth.

It usually takes a while for cats to get used to their new home and people. But Athos did it in ten minutes. It took him so much to sniff the apartment, find a bowl of kefir, magically found on the kitchen floor, and have a proper meal.

Lena did not really have time to arrange the purchases when Athos returned to her. And this time it didn’t hiss at all. He seems to have managed to finally “tame” over the past ten minutes. Actually, he did not learn to caress in such a short time, so he just gratefully “butted” the woman. And when a soft hand fell on his head, he immediately purred – almost for the first time in his life …

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