Here is the planet’s biggest feline crossbreed- a combination of a lion and a tiger weighing about 700lbs

Meet the Earth’s most gigantic beast who recently became a real internet star

Whereas the mother nature never stops amazing us, you will definitely be astonished by the unimaginable size of this crossbreed feline weighing approximately 700lbs. Everyone, meet Apollo, baring the title “the largest lion-tiger discovered on our planet”. This immense creature is called “liger” meaning a combination of lion and a tiger. The gigantic animal quickly gained popularity once fascinating photos of him were posted on social media.


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“This huge guy’s name is Apollo and he is regarded the largest cat on Earth. Now, a question arises what this giant eats in a day: probably everything eatable he comes across!” said Mike, a dedicated wildlife conservationist. The man is totally shocked with the size of this immense beast’s teeth and tongue. He adds that his neck is, perhaps, twice as large as if the man will wrap his hands around him. The animal is twice larger than a lion or a tiger and amazed everyone who was lucky to come across such a majestic creature.

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