But is it a dog?” The elderly military man constantly taunted the little dog. But after the first walk with her, he changed his mind

The interesting relationships of a strict man and a little puppy

Pyotr Ivanovich is a military man, strict. For him, a dog is necessarily a wise and devoted companion. For example, Mukhtar from a Soviet film. The dog, in his opinion, had to protect the owner at any moment – otherwise what kind of dog is this?

When his adult daughter Tanya called Pyotr Ivanovich and happily told him that she had got a dog, he represented at least a German shepherd. And that same evening he went to visit to get acquainted with a new member of the family.

Already at the door, he heard some kind of squeak, not very similar to barking. He opened the door – and immediately something incomprehensible bounced off the doorway. Even smaller than a cat.

“Yes, you got yourself a “protector”. It remains to be hoped that you will approach the choice of a husband with slightly different criteria, ”Pyotr Ivanovich scratched the back of his head, while a chihuahua puppy jumped under his feet.

Tanya just shrugged her shoulders: she started a puppy more for beauty than for protection. In addition, a chihuahua could run even in a one-room apartment. And the scale of possible destruction from it was much less.

Tanya and Cactus (that’s how the girl called the puppy for her “prickly” character) went out into the street only from time to time. Each such walk turned into a real holiday for Cactus: if at home he restrained himself, then on the street he rushed about like a madman.

Pyotr Ivanovich pointedly paid no attention to Cactus. But the puppy constantly wanted to attract the attention of this man – either to play with him, or to put his head on his knees.

Non-reciprocal love between them lasted for almost a year, until Tanya went on vacation. Pyotr Ivanovich was supposed to visit Cactus.

“And you should go outside with him at least once or twice. It will be a joy for him,” Tanya said, telling her father how to take care of a dog.

“Here’s another! snorted Pyotr Ivanovich. – Anyone else who sees this with small fry, then I will not justify myself.

On vacation, Tanya usually called her father herself. Of course, she asked about the difficult fate of Cactus. Pyotr Ivanovich usually answered briefly: they say, everything is fine with him.

A week later, Pyotr Ivanovich called himself.

“Imagine, we were walking with Cactus, so he chased away a dog twice his size. I was distracted, barely had time to pull the leash. And the one on which our Cactus rushed, almost knocked over the owner at all, so fled from ours! In general, we have a fighting Cactus!”

Tanya felt in her father’s voice a note of undisguised joy – he rarely showed such emotions.

In general, when Tanya returned home, Cactus and Pyotr Ivanovich were already best friends. The retired military man even took up the education of the dog, taught him commands. In general, I realized that intelligence and combativity do not depend on size.

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