This goat with panic attacks and anxiety calms down only when he wears this fluffy costume given by his owner

This tortured goat suffering from anxiety finds most support and protection in this fluffy costume

Life prepares challenges and hard times not only for human beings, but also for animals who possess feelings and emotions as we do. Many of them, misfortunately, had suffered a lot and were tortured or forced to be kept in captivity that they still can’t fully recover or calm their mind even after being saved. Among those pitiable animals is this saved goat with anxiety and nervousness.

Leanne has a small rescue group for saving goats, New Jersey. During her career, she met a great number of struggling goats who had suffered a lot and who needed special care and attention. The woman heroically took the role of their protectors and saviors. Yet, when she encountered Polly, the wretched goat, she had no idea his condition would be this much hard and catastrophic. Whereas, she refused to give up and deliberately took the whole situation into her own hands.

The woman adds that as soon as the animal notices corner in the house, he is in a strange habit of sucking that’s why literally every corner has those suck marks from his mouth.

And, one day, the caring owner wanted to buy something special for the poor animal. Little did she know that a simple fluffy costume would radically change the way of the animal’s life. The miraculous costume appeared to help the anxious animal immediately calm down and successfully avoid panic attacks.

The woman claims the costume makes him calm his mind and be relaxed, especially when it is time to sleep.

For his further treatment, the owner supposes it would be a great idea to take him to the goat’s support center to get into contact with other tortured and suffering goats. This would probably make him feel not lonely and help overcome all the obstacles and challenges he encounters. You can find more information about this cutie below!

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