The fox became a pet and began to live with humans. Her story is very attractive

After being saved from death, the fox learnt to live next to humanity

The poor animal was found by the staff of the Wildlife Sanctuary in a trap with a lot of injuries. Her condition was bad.

They did their best to support the cutie and took her to their facility for treating her.

Due to the great effort of vets, the fox became healthier and stronger. But it took a lot of time, because her injuries were serious  and after curing them, they had to stay in the recovery centre for a long time.

During the recovery process the wild animal communicated with many people and step by step she became domestic. So living in a wildlife would be stressful for the cutie.

Seeing that the poor baby couldn’t live without a caring owner, a kind-hearted man named Jeff Greucock decided to take care about her.

The wild animal adapted in her new family easily and even she was taught how to live like domestic animals.

There are other pets in the house and living with them is a pleasure for the fox. She liked her new environment.

The most interesting thing is that the fox began to eat dog food and she sleeps in her lovely basket. One of her favourite occupations is walking with her 19 years old owner named Rosie.

The lucky animal has everything she needs: caring owners, faithful friends with whom she enjoys her careless life.

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