A Labrador constantly brought garbage from walks and the owner figured out how his habit can help nature

Now the problem of pollution has become so actual, that not only people, but also animals have taken up the cleaning. According to the news, 2 years old Labrador,named Molly goes every day to the coast of the north sea and collects whole bags of garbage. The owner of the Dog, Fliss Carter noticed for a ling time, that her pet is not indifferent to plastic bottles and figured out how to turn her interest into a useful business.  

Fliss Carter noticed, that on walks her dog Molly carried all kinds of nasty things 

Fliss moved to Scarborough (a city in England on the north sea coast) in 2017 and opened her own shop there. It was at this time, that they began to go for walks. At that time, Molly was still a foolish puppy, who tries everything on the tooth.  

But the girl didn’t forbid her to touch the garbage, but thought her how to collect it 

From that time Molly together with the owner walk along the beach with pleasure and at the same time collect everything, that gets in their was 

The dog doesn’t even ask for treats for things, which he brought or dug out, it is glad, that it was able to clean the beach again. It is enough to praise Molly in words, and she glows with happiness.  

Fliss thought the pet, not to touch objects, which can be dangerous for her life. 

The owner complained, that Molly doesn’t distinguish empty bottles from full ones and sometimes steals them from other people. The victims understand the little thief and don’t get angry at all.  

Now Molly and Fliss don’t leave the house without buckets and packages 

Now they began the local celebrities  

And a good example for other beach goers 

Fliss hopes, that other people will pay attention to the caring dog and think ten times before littering on the beach. Perhaps someone can join Molly and help make this world a little cleaner. 

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