The smallest miracle of the planet! A pygmy possum weights only 7 grams

The smallest creatures, whose personal life is unknown for us

Look at this pygmy possums or pygmy couscous that are very cute animals.

These possums are only seen in North and South America.

The small animals eats everything we are afraid of: such as reptiles, insects and spiders. And also he ends his supper with nectar and pollen.

And during his dish the couscous doesn’t break flowers, so it is possible, that it also works as a pollinator, like a bee.

They like to eat various food and especially a lot. They have to eat a about 0.7 grams of food every day to keep their warm body temperature.

The life of these small creatures is unknown, although they are ready for the contribution of the family all year round.

For the first half month the baby is in her mother’s bag or on her back. The next month and a half she becomes independent to introduce to the difficulties of the adulthood.

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