Julia Roberts: “It doesn’t matter how good you look if you are empty inside.”

“I won’t put on makeup anymore. I want to accept myself”

As the gorgeous celebrity mentions, no one can meet all beauty standards. The appearance is the last thing people should appreciate in others. Your soul and inner world is the only thing that truly matters.

The famous actress J. Roberts shared a post where the celebrity asks not to pay this much attention to people’s appearance and outlook. “There is no need for us to only concentrate on their appearance.

Ideal- is a disease many women suffer nowadays. They put lots of cosmetics on their faces, use beauty injections and always try to keep fit.

But there is one thing we all should pay our close attention to. Do you know what it is?

Our soul. The soul which needs most care and focus and it is high time to start working on it. How come you expect someone to love you if you yourself don’t love yourself.

Today I want to announce something: I won’t put on makeup any more. I don’t want to wear another face. It is time to get rid of the masks. I want to see my true self and I want you all to accept me the way I am.

The standards of beauty of the 21th century are mostly abnormal and absurd. This beauty is based on standards and, like a virus, spreads all over the world.

We all realize that it is artificial beauty.

I am extremely tired of this and I am telling myself “STOP”. I want to encourage you to accept yourself and know exactly what you want from life.

Nobody can meet all the standards existing today. Your appearance is the last thing that people must appreciate in you. Keep this in your mind. “


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