Like “four peas in a pod”: These almost identical quadruplets are already teenagers

Once-in-a-lifetime identical quadruplets are, believe or not, in their teenage years

Being pregnant with twins is quite a rare phenomenon nowadays. The statistics have shown that the birth of twins constitutes only 2 percent. There is no need to say that quadruplets are extremely rare and can undoubtedly be considered once-in-a-lifetime.

But, in fact, no one can surely know what life has prepared for them.

14 years ago Julia learnt that she was expecting actually quadruplets and she was really shocked and astonished. Furthermore, doctors couldn’t undertake anything and weren’t sure the babies would be healthy. So they suggested that the woman should immediately stop the pregnancy in order to be on the safe side. Whereas this heroine strongly refused and chose to give birth to her precious babies.

These four awesome girls were born by caesarean section and were absolutely healthy. The only thing was that two of them were a little underweight. Yet, in the course of time, they soon recovered and were totally like ordinary kids.

The most interesting is that the kids seem literally identical in appearance and are like “four peas in a pod”.

All their friends and relatives try to notice even more difference in their exclusive appearance but they always fail to.

The teenage girls are absolutely happy and blessed to have each other.

They all have already started to greatly benefit from their unique and admirable appearance as many extensive modeling agencies ask them for collaboration.

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