Life lessons from German women. Simple rules of life

The desire to grow and be happy unites all women on the planet.

Every woman has the desire to grow as well as be happy. This is what unites all women on the planet. We once posted about the rules of life for French women. Presently, it’s the turn of the German Frauen.

Now we brings to your attention the female wisdom of the Germans.

Do not consider a man a solution to problems.

It’s not about pride or the desire to succeed. Sooner or later people leave our lives. Therefore, it is better to learn how to solve your problems by yourself. Definitely, in life we ​​need assistance but this does not mean that we should make life hard for our partner.

Be yourself and not someone’s housewife, mother, or wife.

It is a mistake to think that German women downplay the significance of motherhood or marriage. They just don’t make it their aim in life. Yes, she is a mother and wife, but she has her own interests as well, which is crucial to her private space. Only in this way will German women feel joyful.

Other people’s personal lives are their business.

The Germans ask not frequently. “Why aren’t you married? Why didn’t you have a baby? Because they believe that a person should talk about his inner experiences when he wants to.

Should be easier.

In case a German does not like something, he will directly say so. In case he is depressed, he will not force himself to work but will call on the doctor and will take medication to sort himself out.

Natural beauty

In our opinion, German girls are unattractive because they don’t wear any cosmetics. But it’s not the case. They believe that bright makeup should be worn at public gatherings or weddings, and simple (but elegant) trousers should be worn to work. Frau complements their image with jewelry, which makes them more charming than bright makeup.

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