Maye Musk, Elon Musk’s mother, conquers the modeling industry being 71

Elon Musk’s mother in her 70s is still in the center of fashion catwalks

Behind every popular and successful celebrity, there stands not less famous and influential person. In order to prove the previously mentioned, we decided to learn how lives one of the most successful and richest men’s, Elon Musk’s mother.

Believe it or not, M. Musk, in spite of her age, glows with her modeling talent in fashion catwalks.

When little Maye turned two, her family moved from Canada to Africa. The adorable girl became the winner of one beauty contest and, shortly after, she met her future husband named Errol Musk. The spouses, unluckily, divorced whereas they had three wonderful children.

Since her first big accomplishment, the unearthly beautiful and charismatic girl started to build her career in modeling industry. Maye is already 71, yet she is fully satisfied with her current appearance and figure. Despite her not young age, Maye takes an active part in many fashion shows.

She prefers bold looks and the contrast of bright colors.

Here are 12 spectacular looks of Maye Musk, where she simply glows and steals everyone’s heart.

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