Alain Delon’s son grew up handsome man: The dark past and carefree life of Dior model

This is what Alain Delon’s son Alain-Fabian looks like and how the model lives

In his youth, it was rather difficult to call Alain Delon a caring and devoted father. Laid-back way of life, constant romances, parties. It seemed as if the man wasn’t going to change. Yet, in the course of time, the situation radically changed for the better.

The talented artist has four children from different marriages. Concerning his eldest kids, Delon failed to form good and warm relationships with them, but what relates to younger ones, i.e. Anouchka and Alain-Fabian, his paternal attitude was totally different.

In youth, Alain-Fabian’s mother didn’t pay enough attention to her son, that was the reason that the boy got addicted to alcohol and cigarettes.

The last turning moment was the case connected with the gunshot injury. One day the boy took his father’s pistol and accidentally shot a 16-year-old young girl in her stomach. There was the court the pleas of Alain Delon and chic gifts to the family of the victim. A large number of conditions were put forward by his father who now took his son’s upbringing seriously and the guy was now obliged to earn his own living.

Alain-Fabian tried his hand in many low-paid jobs until he realized that he actually possessed lush and gorgeous hair, charm and grace and eventually decided to become a model.

It is worth mentioning that exactly in this sphere, the young guy achieved great success. Initially, he took part in some fashion shows, then collaborated with Gucci and now he has become the face of the new collection of the perfume from Dior.

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