«No sense of shame!» 65-year-old Sharon Stone undoubtedly shared explicit photos and embarrassed herself

«She shouldn’t show her withered body!»🤦🏻‍♀️At 65, Stone showed herself without a swimsuit top✖️👙She became a reason of discussions by showing off her completely non-repetitive photos🗣️💔«Stop ignoring your age!», fans got angry😠See how shameful are her photos, here👇🏻

Famous star Sharon Stone surprises fans with her appearance. At the age of 65, she decided to show off her incredible figure with confidence. She shared photos on social networks that sparked discussions among Internet users. She posted an image of herself in a green swimsuit.

Sharon took a photo in front of the mirror and showed off her toned butt and magnificent bust. This act showed how confident she is. She undoubtedly presented her figure at such a mature age.

Many fans were delighted with her beauty and expressed their admiration under the photo. Some even wrote that they dream of being like her. «How can you look like this at 65?», «She is simply amazing», «Sharon is the most beautiful woman», fans wrote.

Despite all the compliments, there were people who criticized her for such an act, especially after the photo in which she was without a swimsuit top. Many women love to show off on social media and share their looks and charm with the public.

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