Trendy or tasteless? Victoria Beckham appeared in a classic outfit with bright velvet shoes

Beckham impressed the public wearing bright-colored pumps with a classic outfit

It has already been more than 10 years that Victoria Beckham leads one of the most famous and successful clothing brands. It is worth mentioning that even M. Trump, M. Markle and Lady Gaga periodically wear the dresses made by this talented celebrity.

Her each and every appearance is spectacular and influential. Beckman is considered to be the embodiment of elegance and femininity. Of course, like any other women, she has her own favorites in clothing: trousers with men’s style jackets, straight wide trousers, blouses and midi length dresses.

She usually prefers black, white, red and gray when appearing in public. That’s why her recent appearance literally astonished everyone there. Under black oversized trousers and a white blouse, the star, surprisingly, wore velvet pumps with high heels.

Her pumps were so bright and eye-catching that people first saw them, then the celebrity herself. This impressive look immediately caused a number of contradictory opinions. Some people considered that was quite trendy and interesting, but the others rushed to criticize the celebrity’s outfit.

One of the current fashion trends is to complement classic looks with accent shoes with original prints, as Meghan Markle wore.

Shoes are, undoubtedly, decisive and important elements of clothing which can easily make an ordinary or classic outfit trendy and more impressive.

How did you find her look?


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