Senior Dachshund, who was blind, together with his pit bull friend, that guided him everywhere are finally reunited 

Dachshund is 12 years old, and pit bull Dozer is 6.

A distinctive connection was settled between them-they are consistently together, and Dozer even took difference over Dachshund, as the puppy is absolutely blind.

The kind woman decided to shelter a pit bull, when she already had Dachshund.

From the first day they made friends!

But their owner absorbed his home, job and had to wonder the streets…

She wasn’t able to keep this two animals and she was forced to take them to the shelter!

She asked not to separate the dogs, as their connection is very important.

The staff of the shelter listened the woman’s words and gave this two pets to one family together.

But soon, someone saw dachshund wandering the streets.

The man took him to the shelter, as he thought it was a homeless puppy, not a pet.

Shelter staff found out the pet’s owner with a microchip and called her.

She did want to take the dachshund back, and also didn’t want to give the pit bull to the shelter!

But how can you separate animals, that are so close to each other?

Their story spread all over the Internet and everyone wanted to know if the dogs would ever be together.

After many seduction, the woman decided to give Dozer.

The pets were so happy to be reunited, after such a long departure. They jumped, waved their tails as a sign of delight.

Now they are in the shelter and in the near future they won’t be given to someone.

This story is not yet finished.

Soon the shelter staff will find another family for the pets, but this time they will assure, that the family will not separate this two.

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