«She resembles an ordinary careless woman». Paparazzi photographed Jennifer Lopez in her daily life  

Fans were displeased with Lopez’s unwashed hair and crinkled clothes 😱😳

Jennifer Lopez’s recent photos taken by the paparazzi made fans worry about her unkempt look.

The star’s facial wrinkles, untidy hair and crinkled clothes disappointed her audience and she was criticized by millions of people.

She was captured in her everyday life, but it doesn’t mean that she can look so careless. Millions of people are admired with her beauty and charm on social networks, so she needs to take care of herself perfectly.

When her photos became one of the most discussed topics on the Internet, Lopez herself responded to critics, asking them to respect her and never try to enter her private life.

Recall that the star is already 53, and many fans claimed that looking like this at this age is great.

However, opinions were different but people asked her to take care of herself like she does on the red carpet.

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