The waitress’s sensational message after finding out she hadn’t got a tip for her service

Here is what the poor waitress said when she realized people hadn’t left a tip

When we go to cafes or restaurants, there is a gesture of politeness and gratitude that probably all of us do when we are done with eating and are about to leave the place: we give a tip to a waiter or a waitress for their service as well as for showing our gratitude for the meal. The tip is usually about 10-15 percent of the bill.

It is, of course, not compulsory or a kind of a rule, whereas if you refuse to do it, the worker can get offended and upset.

Today’s heroine named Tailer Cordova is a waitress, a diligent and caring parent of a little daughter who, after finding out she, unluckily, hadn’t get a tip, shared it on social media as the reason for it was amazing.

Though Tailer has nothing to complain about the conditions of her job, she simply couldn’t stay calm when she realizing she had got no tips from people whose order was of 187 dollars.

And the woman decided to speak up about this unpleasant situation explaining and giving the reason for how essential the tips actually are for her living.

She was downhearted saying that leaving a tip is not really hard. It is a simple act of kindness which can mean a lot for her family.

Tailer asked people not to be mean and leave a tip for the waiter as their job is really difficult. She suggested not going to cafes or restaurants if one can’t afford giving a tip.

Her brave and powerful message immediately gained thousands of views and reactions from all over the world. People started to praise the woman for being a courageous and caring mother who simply wants to be appreciated for her diligent work.

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