Here are 10 “feats” that popular actors went to for playing their roles realistically

“Feats” that famous actors and actresses went to for realistic roles

Actors and actresses’ job is much more difficult than it sometimes seems to be. In order to play their role realistically, they sometimes have to go to feats.

Ashton Kutcher followed one and the same diet as S. Jobs and ended up in the hospital with pancreatitis.

R. Pattinson drank, ate dirt, vomited putting rocks in his shoes to play crazy in “The Lighthouse”.

H. Berry didn’t bathe for 10 days as an alcoholic.

DiCaprio is vegan, but in “The Revenant” he had to eat raw meat.

J. Foxx spent 14 hours a day with his eyes closed for the role of a blind musician.

N. Cage had several teeth removed, and after weeks of wearing a bandage, he developed dermatitis

G. Oldman as Winston Churchill smoked $20,000 worth of cigars and got serious nicotine poisoning.

F. Whitaker ate only bananas and beans, spoke Swahili and almost quarreled with his family as the dictator of Uganda.

W. Smith really fell in love on the set of Stockard Channing and was about to divorce his wife.

L. Gaga spoke with an accent for months, and then e confused reality and the set for the film “House of Gucci”.

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