“Leo stole her beauty”: Leo DiCaprio’s girlfriend was criticized because of her recent photos taken during her vacation

People criticized DiCaprio’s girlfriend because of her photos taken on the beach

Leo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone have been dating since 2017.

This can actually be considered Leo’s record as the main Bachelor of Hollywood has never dated a woman for so long.

“They look in love”. Camila was, according to the world famous artist, the most suitable one for him. She is absolutely adorable, kind and, most importantly, sincerely loves the man.

And, which is not less important, she possesses a flawless figure and admirable appearance.

Whereas in her most recent photos taken on the beach by paparazzi, Camila is simply unrecognizable.

As the girl has turned 25, the network users rush to conclude that DiCaprio is now about to leave her as the actor hasn’t ever dated a girl older.

“The countdown to parting has begun”, ” One more year and it will be a record”.

Many network users call them spouses but there wasn’t even a thought about the engagement.

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