The “Hellboy” at his 72 married a blonde because of whom he left his family: the first video from the wedding

Perlman’s wedding who left his family because of a blonde young woman

The difference in their age, 23 years, doesn’t even bother them. Ron Perlman, the famous “Hellboy”, has already turned 72 in April.

In 2019, Ron divorced his wife with whom the actor had lived for about 40 years. By the way, the spouses were peers.

But in 2018, on the set of Crackle StartUp, Perlman met beautiful blonde Alyson Dunbar.

The Hollywood actress was 23 years younger than the man but the big difference in age didn’t bother the couple at all and they decide to get married. The ceremony turned out to be chamber, but very beautiful. Especially for the wedding, the man rented F. Ford Coppola’s Palazzo, a 19th-century castle turned into a boutique hotel with nine rooms.

The bride and groom’s first dance was to Frank Sinatra’s 1946 song “You Make Me Feel So Young”.

They both were stunning but, according to many network users, Alyson’s dress was, in fact, not suitable for the wedding. The bride chose a very short and revealing in mini dress in white lace with a high collar and a traditional veil.

In this ceremony many people noticed a reference to the marriage of Kourtney Kardashian and T. Barker. The reality celebrity also married in such kind of a wedding dress.

The ceremony was held in Italy – in the 13th-century castle of Castello Brown in Portofino.

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