The purest friendship between Hayek, Cruz and Saldana is something one can admire forever

Hayek posted exclusive photos with Cruz and Saldana expressing her love and gratitude

The world-famous and successful Mexican actress has lately thanked her friends P. Cruz and Z. Saldana for their love and dedication. Their true and sincere friendship will never cease to be something one can admire forever.

The movie star has shared photos with her two closest friends on social media. They were warmly hugging one another and were dressed in different but matching outfits in white, black and red colors.


Hayek captioned the post filling it with words of trust, appreciation and gratitude. For those who don’t know, Hayek and Cruz have become guests in Met Gala this year and drew everyone’s special attention to them.

The photo where she appears with Cruz delighted the fans too. The Mexican actress was in black pajamas and with her hair tied in a low ponytail.


It is worth mentioning that Salma became the first actress from Mexico who was nominated for the prestigious award. 

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