“The best comedian of the 20th century”: This is how actor Louis de Funes looked in his youth

Here is what French actor Louis de Funes looked like when he was young

There is a huge number of people who begin to gain popularity when they are already adult or even aged, thus people have no idea how they actually looked in their youth.

It is a pity that it has already been 36 years that this iconic actor left us, whereas the films with his brilliant participation are still watched and adored by millions of people.

He achieved great success gaining popularity in the 60s starring in films every single year which brought world fame to the legendary actor. He was even regarded one of the best and most talented comedians of the previous century.

The majority of people have seen this legendary actor when he was adult and it is interesting to witness what he looked like in his youth.

We managed to find the French actor’s archive photos when he was still a young man. And when looking at his grandmother’s photo, it is easy to guess whose grandson he was.

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