When Buying a Ticket Each Passenger Sees a Cute Dog in the Ticket Window Who Sits There for a Reason

This adorable doggy is named Chiquita!  The plump cutie works at a bus station in Brazil where all the locals already know her.  

 About two years ago the nine-year-old Chiquita was adopted by Adelsinior and Mariani.  This couple runs a ticket office in the town of Blumenau and  they have an assistant who is  the very charming cutie!  

 The couple decided not to leave the dog at home alone for the whole day but to take her work with them so that the cutie wouldn’t be bored.

 She just sits at the counter and watches all the passengers.  Of course, this doesn’t particularly affect the work process but everyone customer’s mood is noticeably improving.  Everyone who buys a ticket and sees a cute dog leaves the checkout a little happier than they were a minute ago. 

 It’s not a secret that pets give us their heart, and all they want in return is just to feel that their love is mutual!

 In the case of Chiquita there is no doubt that the owners adore her.  And the cutie gives a good mood not only to the owners but also to all passengers in gratitude to their kind approach. 

 “Bon voyage wherever you go!”  – the dog wishes.  

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