This yard has great importance to Mia. The dog is glad that she has her own yard

Now, Mia can play her desired games here.

Mia is such a sweet dog and is fond of running. According to her mother, Taylor Clapp, she enjoys playing a lot.

Mia is full of vigor.

“She’s actually quite idle most of the time but when she has the desire to play, she commonly energizes once or twice a day with a short zoomie burst,” Mia’s mom named Taylor Clapp, reported to The Dodo. “She’s very loving and active, and her favorite play is a tug of war.”

But currently, Mia has her own yard and adores playing and running.

When she first saw the courtyard, she was so thrilled that she couldn’t bear it.

“She ran and played in the yard for another hour and enjoyed it the entire summer,” Clapp said. “She loves the snow but she doesn’t like the frost, so every time she’s outdoors, she walks around the yard and then returns.”

This place means a lot to Mia. She is so joyful and currently, Mia can play her favorite games here.

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