“Impossible to take our eyes off them”: Here are the sons of attractive stars who surpass their dads in beauty

These are 6 heirs of celebrities who surpassed their fathers in handsomeness

The sons of these popular stars are, undoubtedly, going to soon replace their fathers.

Here are several world famous celebrities who used to be regarded the most attractive and handsome men on Earth, thus becoming the icons of male beauty and attractiveness. Though most of them are already age, they still remain the beloved for millions and are in demand even today. Whereas it is high time their heirs replace their aged father who definitely surpass them with their beauty. So here are some celebrities whose heirs are as beautiful and attractive as they are.

Delon and his youngest son

D. Beckham’s middle son

M. Schumacher’s son

E. Hawke’s son

Gibson’s son Milo

Schwarzenegger and his youngest son

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