“Impudent Fluffies!” The Four-legged Creatures Have Violated the Rules of Decency

Our smaller brothers are still inventors!  Sometimes their actions no longer amuse but make you think and change your own behavior!  But  it is simply impossible to “sulk” at them for a long time …

He shouted and demanded to be released into the street. “When will you let me sleep, you monster fluffy!” 

The TV will withstand everything except for a furry attack … now it’s all scratched. 

The dog is also doing yoga like his owner. 

Waiting for the beloved owner … well, it was just boring … 

Even in the toilet I can’t feel peace. 

Like a mom! 

Who slept in my seat while I was on a business trip? 

Space cats! 

The cutie has his own apartment.

Before the lamp fell …

Even the balcony needs to be guarded!

I won’t let you in!  He decided that the owner wouldn’t leave without the sneakers …

Everybody has bad days. 

He just  hid there … “I almost dropped the food tray out of fear when I saw him for the first time.”- the owner tells. 

What do your pets do when they are in the mood to play?

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