“Such an unearthly beauty”: This is how Angelina Jolie’s charming mother looked

Here is what Angelina Jolie’s beautiful mother looked like and how she lived

We all know well that Jolie’s beauty is admired and is considered the icon by millions of people all over the world. Whereas we shouldn’t forget about the fact that she inherited her unearthly beauty and charm from her parents.

Jolie’s mother’s name was Marcheline Bertrand. She was born in 1950 and was an actress. In 1971, the successful actress met her future husband who was Jon Voight. He worked as an actor as well and had rewarded an Oscar.

The spouses had had two kids, Angelina and James. The stunning woman determined to give up on her career as an actress in order to devote herself all to the family. Jolie inherited not only her beauty, but also character. She learnt a lot from her mother and, according to her, she was the prime example of generosity, kindness and bigheartedness.

After the spouses had unluckily divorced, Marcheline started dating director Billy Day. And though she had been married Tom Bessamre since 2002, Billy had always been there. In 2007, the woman passed away because of an incurable disease.

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