The Woman Rescued a Gray Kitten and Then the Color of His Fur Began to Change

We are talking about a cute New Zealand kitten who happened to be in the right place at the right moment and was able to save the life of an innocent animal.

Once Katie was driving on work when she suddenly noticed a strange creature that resembled a mouse on the side of the road.  She stopped the car and took a closer look and it turned out that there wasn’t a mouse but a kitten in front of her.  The baby didn’t even have an overgrown umbilical cord.

It was obvious that the kitten was only a few days old. The animal needed immediate hospitalization.

Catherine took the baby with her and named him Bruce. Love and constant care have made a miracle with the kitten. During the course of time he got stronger and turned into a beautiful blue-eyed catty.

When the cutie grew older he changed the color of his coat and the catty turned black.

Catherine loves her pet very much and cannot imagine her life without him.

The girl dedicated a whole book to her favorite cat and it tells how Bruce finds his home.

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