“The fate of Cinderella”: A 26-year-old model from Moldova married a 62-year-old billionaire

A 62-year-old billionaire and a 26-year-old lady got married surprising the world

In fact, it is a dream of a number of girls to find rich and well-to-do men and marry them as they will provide their wives with anything necessary and desirable. Though far not everyone succeeds in their personal life, this youthful girl from Moldova lived a life of Cinderella.

This beautiful model married a billionaire with whom their difference in age is 36 years.

Many strongly hold the opinion that the girl simply wanted to marry a wealthy man and live a luxurious and carefree life. Whereas it is known that she herself earns a relatively big sum of money.

According to reliable sources, the man’s fortune constitutes 20 billion dollars and it is believed that he spent 1 million dollars for the bride’s wedding dress.

Currently, the spouses live in a mansion in the States and their days are full of positive emotions, fascinating trips and unrepeatable adventures.

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