«Never too late, even at 60!»: Here is the girl born to a 60-year-old granny years later

This is what happened to the girl born to a woman at 60: Their most recent photos

Meet Galina who decided to become a mother at the age of 60 after losing her only child. Such an irreversible loss led her to turn to an IVF procedure and experience the delights of motherhood again.

Many thought she was a single mother, but she has a loving husband who is her biggest supporter. They are dedicated spouses who cherish their love even at such an age.

She got married at the age of 55 and in 2015 they had a long-waited child that radically changed their whole lives. When people ask her how she manages to stay young, she answers that she is always busy and active.

Of course, there are people who harshly criticize her, but she seems not to care at all and is concentrated only on the upbringing of her child.

The others, anyway, highly praise her for her bravery, strong will-power and determination.

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