Her secret to happiness was revealed: This is how Grace Kelly became the happy princess of Monaco

Here is the secret to Grace Kelly’s happiness who became a princess

Nearly half a century ago, talented and praiseworthy designer H. Rose made a very beautiful and elegant wedding dress which is still regarded one of the most iconic and remarkable ones in history. Currently, it is kept in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, whereas the secret to Grace’s family happiness hides behind her wedding shoes.

G. Kelly was a well-known actress and an unearthly beauty.

During one festival, she came across the Prince of Monaco who immediately fell in love with the stunning woman.

After dating for a year, the Prince decided to propose his beloved woman.

However, the situation was not that easy. The actress was considered a commoner and it would be a real experience for the European monarchy. Moreover, Kelly’s parents didn’t want to let their heiress leave their native country.

And here is the bride’s iconic wedding dress.

Everything, unexpectedly, was alright and she successfully became the princess.

Whereas little did people know about the hidden secret of Kelly.

Later on, x-ray results showed that a coin of good luck was hidden in her shoe.

Believe it or not, it actually worked! The admirable spouses lived an absolutely happy life and had three children.

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