A true example of kindness in a person. A woman quit her job to help animals

The organisation, which helps find missing pets

A woman named Lalisa quit her job as an elementary school teacher to work with animals. The woman created a new group of volunteers, who try to hunt for lost dogs.

They were able to find many missing pets and return them to their owners. Although some of them vanished, others were taken. “Thanks to our efforts, approximately 750 dogs were found since 2017.”

It’s very hard and long process, but it’s worth it. And also Lalisa Dean told, that some rescue attempts take many years to complete. Lalisa and her rescuers answer to every report of a missing pet, by collecting all the information needed.

And when the search is really huge, the workers of the organisation call the police. All the workers of the organisation did everything to figure out every story they have, but only half of them are already solved.

But pet owners understand it. This woman is really courageous. Happily she will be the perfect example for other people.


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