“Hasn’t undergone surgeries and here is the result”: Crawford showed herself without makeup in a bathing suit

This is how Crawford looks without makeup who hasn’t undergone surgeries

A large number of supermodels from the 90s still remain world famous and legendary celebrities even today. And, of course, Cindy Crawford is one of them who has recently turned 56. The iconic woman was also among those few ones who flatly refused to undergo any plastic surgeries and wasn’t trying to meet all the beauty standards at any cost. It turned out that Cindy actually made the right decision as she chose to get older in a natural way.

Whereas time changes absolutely everything and everyone, starting from the appearance to the character. Regardless of everything, Crawford remains the same icon of charisma and femininity for millions. She is self-confident enough and often shares her pictures without retouching and even makeup. In this case, the supermodel took a photo in front of a mirror without wearing a gram of makeup. The woman was in a bathing suit and with a bun on her head.

There is no need to say that she didn’t look the way she does on the cover of magazines. Instead, she proved that women can get older beautifully. However, there were also those who rushed to criticize the woman saying that she definitely needs to gain several kilos.

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