Here is the reason why Japanese girls and women don’t use any perfumes and still smell good

This is why girls and women in Japan don’t use any perfumes and smell good

However surprising it might sound, using a perfume with strong scent is a clear sign of a bad taste or the absence of taste. One of the advantages of this is that you will never feel bad because of bad and strong smell in public transport. But how girls and women in Japan smell and what they use as self care?

The Japanese women always smell good and fresh, but how do they manage to?

Due to light aromas in their collection, they always smell with freshness.

During their shower and bath times, they soak in oils for a long time and place a great importance on their self care.

The second fundamental factor is that they constantly brush their teeth cleaning their mouth. Even when they have dinner out, they keep the teeth brush inside their purse and use it straight after the meal.

Deodorants are of good quality and are able to keep bad smells away. Moreover, they are used not only for armpits but also for feet.

There are also a lot of flavoring tablets that release good and pleasant smell on body.

Hair sprays are quite popular as well. They simply release smell of freshness.

It is rather hard to realize how much time they actually spend on all these procedures. Most importantly, they never smell bad which is pleasant for not only themselves but also their neighbors, friends and people they meet.

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