Here are unique girls awarded for their non-standard appearance who will not let anyone stay indifferent

These girls were awarded for possessing absolutely unique appearance

It goes without saying that the conception of beauty and attractiveness greatly differs and depends on a certain person. Though the fashion houses used to dictate their own rules spreading standards of beauty, today, they let more diversity and absolutely everyone is considered unique and worth admiration. The old-fashioned 90 60 90 forms of figure are no long in demand and many popular bloggers, models and show business stars successfully prove the previously mentioned statements. So, here are those who managed to attract millions with their absolute uniqueness.


Y. Pakhomova

M. Oz

E. Sofia


B. Sueyassu

S. Woods

K. Mittendorf

D, Forrest

D. Yonkman

M. Gaby Odile

H. O’Grady

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