The intelligent puppy followed the policemen to ask for adoption

A thankful dog couldn’t stop hugging his rescuers 

The little dog was fortunate and felt protected after being saved from the street by two policemen. Two devoted officers were out on patrol, when they saw a small puppy.

He was leftover on the sidewalk and was absolutely alone. When the dog saw the officers he thought they could help him. He started to follow them. And the officers also understood they couldn’t abandon the small animal.

They quickly took the dog and placed him in their car. He continued to give hugs and admiration looks to his rescuers in the car. These officers hold a special place in his kins heart.

They took the dog to the station.

The caring officers gave him food and water and decided to name him Hagard in honour of the place, where they found him.

One of the officers named Merado decided to adopt him, as he already linked with the baby. He wanted to give him a lot of love and everything he required.

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