A raccoon treated a woman like a part of her family

The mother raccoon, who brought her kitten to meet her new human friend 

A woman named Britney Seidei got a new raccoon friend named Rosy after purchasing a new house in 2019. When Rosy wanted to eat she would return to the house of the previous owners, who after fed her and other birds and animals.

“They told me, that racccoons came to the door, but at first I didn’t believe them. A week after moving to the house I was making supper, when someone knocked at the door.” Britney told.

Rosy was amazed to watch Britney feeding her as she was waiting outside the door. After that she started to return back, becoming friendly with the house’s new owner. The woman understood Rosy had given birth around the beginning of May.

This became clear, when the mother raccoon brought her babies to meet her new human friend. “I purchased a small pool for Rosy and her babies in order to play and swim. They were overjoyed.” told Britney.

Britney told: “I really wait to see her every day. She really treats me like a family member.”

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