On his birthday, the oldest dog at the shelter likes to get what he adores the most

Such lovely gifts!

Meet Billy, the oldest dog of the shelter, who had an excellent life with his previous owner, who provided him with everything he needed and he never had any difficulties. But his life changed when his owner started not paying much attention to him and took him to the shelter.

The head of the shelter describes him as loving, cute, friendly and amusing.

Because Billy is now old enough, he cannot play and run too long, so he needs to have a rest from time to time, especially he adores sleeping frequently, no matter he is on the floor, on the couch or in someone’s arms. When he realises that it’s time to have a rest, even the stairs seem soft and comfortable for him.

Knowing what the doggy loves most of all, on his birthday the staff donates two things which he adores most in the world: treats and a relax.

Billy becomes the happiest in the world when he feels that everyone is very kind and caring towards him.

Every dog should be safe and protected and should receive lots of love and care from humanity.

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